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Chaos Rampages Like Virus in South-East Asia

  The horrors of the Chaos in South-East Asia continue to unfold with further reports of child sacrifice in Thailand and Laos.…

European Chaos Control Strategy Spectacular Failure

November 25th, 2040 The European Union Chaos Control Strategy Group (EUCCSG) held an emergency meeting in Warsaw this week in the wake…

Chaos Spreads Unchecked in Middle East

Copycat versions of extreme anarchic group منبوذ (The Forsaken) have emerged in Syria and Yemen, continuing the spread of the Chaos in…

Kung-Fu Chimps Claimed by synbiotEc

Global Collaboration Unites Science & Communication

UltiCortX: You Think, Therefore It Is

DoggyBurger in the Dog House

Communications Giant Acquires Rights to Brain Computer Interface

Breakthrough in Brain/Computer Interface

Aidan casts doubts on Longrigg’s agenda

  In an earlier incarnation of the novel, Felipe (originally known as Rafael), had his own chapter. When I first had the…