Chaos Spreads Unchecked in Middle East

Copycat versions of extreme anarchic group منبوذ (The Forsaken) have emerged in Syria and Yemen, continuing the spread of the Chaos in the Middle East. There has been widespread random violence and destruction of property in Syria’s capital Damascus, and Sanaa, capital of the Yemen, as well as other large cities in both nations. 

The Forsaken first came to the attention of the public in September, when Saad Abdul Al Harbi set fire to himself during the Maghrib (sunset prayer) on the first day of Ramadan, at the Prince Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In a KLiPP posted on Smoke Dis hours before the incident, Al Harbi, who died at the scene, said he had no wish to hurt anyone, he simply wished to attract the attention of Allah, who had failed to heed the prayers made by he and other faithful Muslims. He claimed “Allah brought us into existence, placed us on this earth, and now he has forsaken us.”

At 180 metres above sea level, the Prince Abdullah Mosque in Kingdom Tower is the highest in the world. Al Harbi explained that he chose the mosque so that he could be closer to Allah when he delivered his message.

Grand Mufti Hassan Al ash-Sheikh responded with a KLiPP dismissing Al Harbi as kafir (a non-believer) and quoting Surah Ad-Duha “Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased. And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before.”

Al Harbi’s KLiPP attracted millions of viewers across the Muslim world and spawned hundreds of imitators, with self-immolation quickly giving way to more destructive acts including arson, bombing, looting and rioting with targets including mosques, public buildings and private residences.

KLiPPs posted yesterday on SmokeDis by Syrian members of the Forsaken said they would “cry louder and louder until Allah heard them.”

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