European Chaos Control Strategy Spectacular Failure

November 25th, 2040

The European Union Chaos Control Strategy Group (EUCCSG) held an emergency meeting in Warsaw this week in the wake of an explosion of violence in central Europe leaving hundreds dead and thousands injured. 

An anonymous leaked report revealed that group members were unanimous in admitting that the much-publicised ‘Chaos Control Strategy’had been a spectacular failure. 

The aim of the meeting was to draft a revised strategy to meet citizens’needs and minimise further disruptive behaviour.  One faction, comprising primarily Eastern-European nations, proposed the immediate declaration of martial law, however, this was vehemently opposed by other factions, such as the Scandinavian arm which advocated equipping citizens for self-protection and survival independent of existing infrastructure. 

The report disclosed that the group had failed to reach a consensus, due to so many members being either ‘paralysed with panic’ or ‘passively resigned to their fate.’

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