Frequently Asked Questions

Why does The Ark have an accompanying website?

Advances in technology are presenting new ways for people to consume, connect with and interpret ‘fiction’. I wanted to play with some of these emerging options and discover for myself exactly how they might enhance the experience of reading a book.

Through the website, readers can dive deeper into the world of the novel and move beyond text to audio/visual interpretations of/additions to the novel.

The website also provides a forum for community formation around the book and encourages co-creation by reader/users. It is my hope that the narrative will continue to develop through the user-generated content.

Do I have to use the website?

Nope. You can enjoy the book in its entirety without going anywhere near the website.

How do I upload the book to my ereader?
  • Plug your ereader into your computer and open ‘my computer’ (PC) or Finder (Mac)
  • Double click on your ebook device. You will find several folders inside.
  • Find the folder that contains your other ebooks (hint: most of these will have a filename that ends in .mobi or .epub)
  • Drag and drop The Ark into the folder. Voila!
Can I get The Ark in paperback?
The Ark is no longer available in paperback. It was designed to be read primarily as an e-book.

I did a limited print run for launch, which is now sold out.

Who is the intended audience of The Ark?
I’m not a huge fan of pigeonholing books by genre, and The Ark doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. It is a relationship-driven literary fiction, which is experimental in form and has elements of speculative fiction. It is aimed primarily at adults but could also be enjoyed by mature teenagers.
Did you build the website yourself?
Goodness me, no. The site was created by Paul Reid of Next Learning, whose services I heartily recommend.
Why can't I buy The Ark through Amazon?
In order to convert The Ark  to an Amazon .mobi file, all the design elements would have had to be stripped away, leaving only text. For me, the design is intrinsic to the book so this was a compromise I was not prepared to make. However, all is not lost. You can still read The Ark on your Kindle; you just can’t buy it through the Kindle store.