Welcome to The Ark

It is the year 2041. In the wake of the post-peak oil crisis, society as we know it is collapsing. A handful of scientists and their families retreat into a bunker inside Mount Kosciusko, alongside a vault full of seeds which hold the key to the future of life on earth. Will they survive?

people inside the bunker
days without sunlight
documents to tell their story
About the Book

The Ark  is a novel for the 21st century, delving into the timely issue of the breakdown of society in the wake of environmental catastrophe. The story is told through a collection of digital documents including blog posts, emails and text messages and is accompanied by a website which invites readers to dive deeper into the world of the novel, and to continue to develop that world by sharing their own content inspired by the novel.

About the Author

Annabel Smith is the author of two other novels: Whiskey & Charlie (published in Australia as Whisky Charlie Foxtrot) and A New Map of the UniverseShe is a member of the editorial board of Margaret River Press, an Australia Council Creative Australia Fellow, and holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Edith Cowan University. She is currently working on an epic quest with a science-fiction twist, in which a trio of unlikely heroes must unite to overthrow a sadistic cult before a tsunami destroys their city.