‘I was hooked from the very first document’
Hugh Howey (Author of Wool)
‘The Ark is like an archeological dig, and as we sift through the ashes of modernity, we realize we cannot escape from ourselves.’
Peter Docker (Author of The Waterboys)
‘A character-driven study of human behaviour under the extreme pressures of isolation, manipulation and fear.’
Amanda Curtin (Author of Elemental)
‘A clever and compelling story, and an innovative and exciting example of non-traditional story telling…’ Read more 
Dawn Barker (Author of Fractured)
‘A great concept, delivered ingeniously; I’d like to see more adventurous books like this published in Australia.’ Read more
Jane Rawson (Author of A Wrong Turn at the Office of Unmade Lists)
 “A timeless human story.” Read more 
Ben Lever (Goodreads)
‘The intrigues, anxieties and tragedies experienced by the characters are revealed through unique narrative devices that portray a society at once hyper-connected, hopelessly fractured, and desperate to secure something more than just survival.’ 
Glen Hunting (Goodreads)

Fan Fiction

The Ark invites readers to continue to develop the world of The Ark by creating and sharing their own responses to and interpretations of the novel.


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